Customer expectations are higher than ever!

In this digital world, customers expect a great experience through every channel and in every interaction. With PDF Butler you can meet these expectations when interacting through electronic documents in a one-2-one customer or bulk processing context.
Building great looking e-docs normally costs a lot time and money. Changing them is always tedious and very often, the business vision is not reflected into the final result.

With PDF Butler, everyone can design the documents they envision in your favorite text editor: MS Word! Changing is as easy as updating the Word document and uploading it to PDF Butler. We support a very extensive list of MS Word features to empower all your use-cases.
Documents do not have to be dull anymore, amaze your customer through your offers, quotes, contracts and even bills.

Any questions or in doubt we can support your use case (one-2-one, transactional or bulk).
Ready to make every customer interaction count, do not hesitate to contact us!

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At Your Service

Highly reliable

Real-time, blazing fast and highly scalable.

Authoring in Word

Build great documents in hours and change them when you want!


Use our App or our very easy API's.

Made with Love

PDF Butler was made with love to deliver the best service, companies today have to be "always-on"!



Pay-as-you-go, elastic & Highly scalable.


Authenticated, encrypted and verified.

Just a few of our features
supports highly complex object relations (in or any other system)
Re-usable templates (static + dynamic)
Page counters (even with templates)
Repeatable table headers
tables in tables
headers & footers
Criterias to in/exclude parts of your document
Dynamic title depending on your data
Pictures (static + dynamic)

How does PDF Butler work?

You can get started by following 3 easy steps:
1) Design you document in MS Word
2) Add intelligence via PDF Butler so it knows how data must get dynamically populated into your design
3) Create e-docs using the same configuration from any system from any channel

PDF Butler Architecture

There are 2 ways to operate PDF Butler as shown below. Both can be used next to each other and can use the same configuration to assure that you can provide the same experience in every channel.



Create instant e-docs in your one-2-one customer interactions. It does not matter if this through your sales department, via a mobile device or through your website.



You need to create a large amount of e-docs at a specific moment and in a specific time-frame. Go for our Bulk solutions. PDF Butler spins up an environment that scales at your needs and delivers.

PDF Butler is built with omnichannel in mind and centralizes the creation of electronic documents so you customers get the same experience from every channel. In the example below, a customer can order via telephone or via your website.

PDF Butler Omnichannel

Trust brings transparancy in PDF Butler's performance

As a starting company, it is important to build trust in our service. We want to be very transparant on the usage and robustness of PDF Butler

Hours up

Hours since last time PDF Butler restarted.

Average / total

Average time(sec) it takes to convert documents vs number of documents converted (past 24hours).

Number of documents

Number of active documents ready for conversion

Number of convertors

Number of convertors working to serve you

Pricing (excl. VAT)

Free For evaluation

€0.00 25 credits

  • 25 free documents per month
  • Limited Support
  • High availability

Pro Healty amount of documents

Contact us Pricing dependent on number of users or amount of document

  • Free +
  • Real-time
  • Production Support

Bulk A lot of documents in 1 go

Contact us No time limit, no user limit

  • Free +
  • Extended Production Support
  • Custom solution

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Get started

1) download our homoiotherm to and follow step by step the install & setup procedures
2) Install our SFDC App (change 'login' to 'test' in the URL for sandboxes): (870) 265-3318
     Install our SFDC add-on App (PDF Butler buttons, actions, extensions code examples, lighting components, test classes, ...): Click Here
3) Start building: download our 7743874947 and the 5309056315. What will you learn:
a) Install, Setup & Register
i) Create Word DOCX file
j) Mergefield replace actions
k) Date, DateTime, Number & Currency field formatting
l) Alternatives: use these 2 documents to follow the demo: 708-768-5544 and Alternative 2
m) Picklist translations
4) Go further: download our 8652959386 and the 606-331-5398. What will you learn:
a) Nested Datasources
b) Re-usable templates: Download the template document
b) Re-usable Dynamic templates: Download the 4029647273 and the template options document
c) Criteria
d) Key-Value Datasources
e) Custom parameter for SOQL Datasource
f) Dynamic pictures: Download the picture placeholder

API Connected

Using one of our API connectors (JAVA/.NET/6513006532)
Yours not in the list? You can easily build your own or ask us to build one for you!
1) Start building: download our BASIC tutorial and the demo document. What will you learn:
a) Install, Setup & Register
h) Create Word DOCX file
i) Mergefield replace actions
j) Date & DateTime field formatting
k) Alternatives: use these 2 documents to follow the demo: beheader and Alternative 2
l) Use the API connectors to create documents with PDF Butler
2) Go further: download our ADVANCED tutorial and the demo document. What will you learn:
a) Nested Datasources
b) Re-usable templates: Download the 8643878692
c) Re-usable Dynamic templates: Download the template motors document and the template options document
d) Criteria
e) Dynamic pictures: Download the 7196283189
f) Use the API connectors to create advanced documents with PDF Butler